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Haiyan New Century Petrochemical Device Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Haiyan Petrochemical Equipment Factory), founded in 1998, is engaged in various tower packing, tower internals, advanced mass transfer equipment manufacturing and plate design. New Century management processes have been certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management standards.
New Century owns more than 60 Chinese national patents. The products are mainly serving major domestic and international engineering companies, we are the designated manufacturers for many famous South Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, Germany engineering companies. Automatic production line, Equipment and Production Capacity:
16 Structured Packing fully automatic production line (annual production capacity: 30000M3)
40 Random Packing fully automatic production line (annual production capacity: 15000M3)
2 Automatic degreasing treatment line (annual degreasing capacity: 25000M3)
Internals processing workshop (annual production capacity: 3500Ton)
Technology: Fully introduction of advanced foreign technology.
Seeking agent: In order to expand the international market business, we are seeking agents and distributors around the world.


Company values:
Talented People comes outstanding enterprise comes better society.
Our spirit:
Care, Responsibility, Diligence, Honesty
Our commitment:
Consistent investment in better products & services!

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In the chemical and petrochemical industries, mass transfer equipment plays an important role in the crude oil and air product industry and environment technology, our team can provide all the necessary equipment:

  • Tower Packings of all sizes in various materials and alloys.
  • Corresponding tower internals
  • Mass transfer trays
  • Structured packing
  • Overall tower installation and installation monitoring
  • Exhaust gas incineration after gas washing, ammonia recovery
  • Turnkey project for waste water treatment plant, or residual incinerator for gas and liquid media treatment
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The application of our product varies according to the product itself. Our customers include equipment operators in the chemical, petrochemical and refinery fields, as well as general contractors who provide complete production equipment.
In addition to providing standard materials, we are sophisticated in processing special alloys and plastics for a wide range of applications. Our team has a particularly strong track record and experience in the following areas of operations, and we have, and probably have, provided products that are applicable to your business area and deliver quality. We have more than 30 years of experience working with customers, enabling us to deliver high-performance products and services across a wide range of business areas.